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we are sane

gotmateria 11:49 pm
(23:49:30): \o/
(23:49:38): I'm spamming your intro post, btw
(23:49:39): sorry about that
(23:49:40): well
(23:49:43): no not 'sorry'
Ru 11:49 pm
(23:49:47): fff
gotmateria 11:49 pm
(23:49:48): more like '8D'
(23:50:15): to be fair it is mainly Katy's fault for having Suzaku fall for Gino's trap
Katy 11:50 pm
(23:50:16): by spamming your intro post she means she is once again proving that gino has no concept of personal space
gotmateria 11:50 pm
(23:50:28): Hey, Suzaku is fair game this is canon.
Ru 11:50 pm
(23:50:30): |D
Katy 11:50 pm
(23:50:30): its procastination from arabic
gotmateria 11:50 pm
(23:50:41): Suzaku is like. One rung LOWER on the ladder than, say, a chair
(23:50:52): in terms of availability for draping
Katy 11:51 pm
(23:51:31): ELLE ive onlu wrote six lines of this arabic story and half my characters are dead already
gotmateria 11:51 pm
(23:51:33): It's like. Walls, pillars, beds, SUZAKU, chairs, tables, other solid objects, other people.
(23:51:36): .........
(23:51:39): gj angel of death
(23:51:40): gj
Katy 11:51 pm
(23:51:58): and lol
(23:52:36): hes going to find like something large to wrap round him so gino cant drape
(23:53:02): it didnt work...
gotmateria 11:53 pm
(23:53:04): No.
Katy 11:53 pm
(23:53:06): he needs something bigger
gotmateria 11:53 pm
(23:53:10): I mean maybe if you coated it in acid.
(23:53:16): Or idk
(23:53:17): bees.
Katy 11:53 pm
(23:53:19): good plan!
(23:53:28): suzaku now walks round in a cloak of BEES
gotmateria 11:53 pm
(23:53:29): Suzaku, you need to make a cloak out of bees, acid and sharks
gotmateria 11:53 pm
(23:53:36): and then MAYBE he'll leave you alone
Katy 11:53 pm
(23:53:40): acidic shark bees
gotmateria 11:53 pm
(23:53:48): Acidic sharks made of beeds
(23:53:49): bees
(23:53:50): even
(23:53:54): Beads too maybe
(23:54:00): idk how Gino feels about crafts.
(23:54:40): .... what is this conversation
Katy 11:54 pm
(23:54:56): procastination from my arabic homework
(23:54:59): is what it is
gotmateria 11:55 pm
(23:55:00): Fair enough.
(23:55:06): So yeah, bees.
(23:55:22): And then the emperor would be like
(23:55:26): Knight of Seven
(23:55:30): why is your cloak made of bees
gotmateria 11:55 pm
(23:55:36): and suzaku would be like
(23:55:41): it is a custom of my homeland
(23:55:51): for getting rid of evil spirits
(23:56:13): and Charles would be like right fine wevs as long as you're still working for me
(23:56:28): well no he'd probably have the bees confiscated.
(23:56:33): But yeah anyway
Katy 11:56 pm
(23:56:40): awwww
gotmateria 11:56 pm
(23:56:48): ikr Charles is so mean
Katy 11:56 pm
(23:56:52): HE IS
(23:57:11): MEANIE
terra2point0 has left the room. 11:57 pm
Katy 11:57 pm
(23:57:19): suzaku is going to join with mei to take him down
gotmateria 11:57 pm
(23:57:28): What do we want
(23:57:35): anti-Gino acidic beeshark cloaks
gotmateria 11:57 pm
(23:57:38): and rainbow hair
(23:57:42): when do we want them
(23:57:44): SOON
Katy 11:57 pm
(23:57:46): NOW
gotmateria 11:57 pm
(23:57:51): NOW, THEN
(23:57:52): YES
(23:58:03): ...... hi chat
(23:58:05): we're sane.
Katy 11:58 pm
(23:58:20): /notes to everyone that were not in the same room atm, so this conversation over aim was necessary
(23:58:24): because ... stairs
gotmateria 11:58 pm
(23:58:27): Stairs.
(23:58:36): We could've shouted it?
(23:58:47): It's not really the kind of conversation you can shout...
(23:58:55): I think 'acidic beeshark' would be lost somewhere
Katy 11:59 pm
(23:59:03): lol beatrice thinks were mad enough already
gotmateria 11:59 pm
(23:59:32): Beatrice has seen our true faces

[Katy sneezes downstairs]

gotmateria 11:59 pm
(23:59:56): Gesundheit.
Katy 12:00 am
(00:00:25): lol
(00:00:29): danke
gotmateria 12:00 am
(00:00:34): bitte schoen
Ru 12:05 am
(00:05:08): acidic beeshark
(00:05:10): ._.
gotmateria 12:05 am
(00:05:27): Acidic beesharks
(00:05:32): the only known defense against Gino
(00:05:40): You'd think they'd have invented a spray
Ru 12:05 am
(00:05:49): fffff
gotmateria 12:05 am
(00:05:59): Spray-on acidic beesharks
(00:06:07): Katy I think we've found a marketable idea here

Squeak 12:25 pm
(12:25:22): …. spray-on acidic beesharks
gotmateria 12:26 pm
(12:26:16): Yes.
Squeak 12:26 pm
(12:26:19): dfgkjhdfgkdhfg
gotmateria 12:26 pm
(12:26:49): Cloak in the tumbledryer? Worried about overly friendly coworkers? Protect your personal space today with spray-on acidic beesharks!
(12:27:16): Side-effects may include being covered in bees.
gotmateria 12:27 pm
(12:27:25): Some melting may occur
(12:27:31): if allergic to sharks, consult packaging
Squeak 12:27 pm
(12:27:34): LMFAO
gotmateria 12:28 pm
(12:28:27): although tbh if you're close enough to a shark to be suffering an allergic reaction
(12:28:38): you probably have a few things higher up your pain priority list
(12:28:45): demanding your immediate attention

Oh and [community profile] rakuen is opening officially on the fifth.

That's cool I guess.

Y'all should go app people there.

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