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You are now SORA HIMOTO. You are a young, rather stupid troll who likes MOVING HER BODY and EATING. Your best features are your UNENDING OPTIMISM and your UNNERVINGLY LARGE STRIFE PORTFOLIO, which could not possibly become useful in the near future. Although you have beautiful BLUE blood, you want nothing more than PEACE BETWEEN ALL TROLLS regardless of their place on the hemospectrum. You are not entirely sure how you will manage it, but you are wearing some new SHORT SHORTS and you are the KNIGHT OF JUSTICE, so you are sure you will figure something out. In a few moments you will be arriving at your new educational hive with your long-time moirail, TSUKI AOI.

> be tsuki aoi

You cannot be TSUKI AOI, she is currently far too mysterious.

> talk to tsuki aoi

[Show Pesterlog]

HS: private hive utopia
HS: only a few trolls get invited here
HS: its super elite O:K
HS: its wonderful!!
HS: it means theyve finally acknightledged
HS: uh acknowledged
HS: oops
HS: theyve finally realised my power!!

AT: ... You should be quiet on the ship. <>

AT: ... What?
AT: ... What's wrong, Sora?

HS: eh?
HS: i was just thinking
HS: im happy i can be with tsuki again (:K
HS: you joined this hive two solar sweeps ago
HS: and we havent seen each other since then!!

AT: ... Well, the hive is built on a trollmade asteroid.
AT: ... And our pods were moved here.
AT: ... It's like we're being isolated from the outside galaxy.

HS: do you want some faygo? ((:K <>
AT: ... Maybe later.

HS: hmmmm
HS: but the summons was so sudden \:K
HS: i dont get it
HS: im just a knormal troll with no special powers

AT: ... Yeah.

> Tsuki: get shoved by passing troll

HS: ah are you okay tsuki?!
AT: ... Ugh. I'm fine.



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