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open rp post

Open RP Post

★ Pick one of your characters and one of mine. Or multiples idk.
If you ask for a random one you will either get a RNG or someone terrible. so don't do it.
★ Leave a prompt (Images, texts, words, a gif, etc)
★ ???
★ Delicious threads.
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Lightning please!

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[Where was Hei right now? Most certainly in the kitchen of course! True, he was an assassin, but that didn't translate to personality of psychopath. He was content with not fighting at all if need be, preferring to distract himself with what he liked to do the most. Not exactly a path to redemption, but close enough at any rate.

Finishing the last pancake, he sets it on a plate and on the table, amongst the large buffet he had made for breakfast.]

Lightning, food is ready.
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coming right up o7

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[ Lightning's eyebrows lift as she takes in the spread. Normally a meal waiting for her would mean bad news or a placatory misfire, and she almost tenses, bracing for the 'Hey, Lightning, you might wanna sit down' before she catches herself. Stupid reaction, here. With Hei, it seems more like habit than anything; she's never met someone who enjoys cooking this much.

She doesn't sit just yet, arms folding habitually as she stalls in the doorway. ]

I didn't even know we had this much food in the house.
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We didn't. I made sure to buy some last night.

[And making it by hand, while more challenging, certainly helped save a few bucks here and there. He certainly could have done more if he had more cash and money, but their were limits, mainly on wallets, and he wasn't dumb enough to get bankrupt for food alone.]
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Right. [ She's not in a bad mood, so no complaints here. She accedes the point and takes a seat, only wincing slightly as the injury keeping her housebound protests the movement.

She has still no idea what half of this food even is, though. ]
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Still hurts?

[He had asked with not much concern. Lightning was strong in his books, enough for her to overcome such an injury. More painful signs were another opinion.]

At any rate, we have some pancakes, steamed rice, broiled fish, and finally some miso soup over there. All of it should help, though you don't have to eat it all. [Notice how the pancakes were closer to her.]
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They said to give it another day. [ It's really inconvenient to have an injury that can't be healed instantly. Theirs is an empathetic relationship, yes indeed.

But back to breakfast, because talking about weakness isn't fun. The placement of the pancakes gets an amused huff of breath from her, but she takes some anyway. ]
Anything interesting happen while you were out?
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[He sits down as well, getting a fork and knife in hand as he goes for some of the fish. It smelled so good, he couldn't resist himself, and he was dying for it.]

Nothing much. Random mugger, but he's currently in police custody. [Hard to fight with a bag in hand, but very easy when said mugger was an inexperienced moron with a weakness for hits to the shins and nose.]
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Yuffie! :D

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[Glenn blinked, hands searching all over his body for a certain object: his pouch of gold. After training in the forest for so long, and defeating another group of bandits, he had earned quite a lot and thought he made sure to keep things together and safe.

Apparently not if he was growing more worried and not finding it on his armor. He was warned of a thief, but who could have possibly taken it. All he ran into was a pretty girl--

And realization came in. He spun around, running towards the woman that had bumped into him.]

Hold it right there!
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[ WHO HER? oh no no you can't notice her. She was being so sneaky. And she needs this gold for reasons. Materia-related reasons. FOR WUTAI.

Oh gawd he's getting closer.


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You have something of mine. I demand you return it at once!

[Glenn draws his swords: the Einlanzers, holy dragon swords that she thankfully didn't steal; these were more precious than that sack of gold.]

This can be done the easy way, or the hard way. Your choice.
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H-huh? I don't know what you're talking about.

[ those are some pretty swords, though. She's eyeing those up as she readies her shuriken. ]
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Do not play dumb with me! I had my pouch of gold earlier, and you were the only one to bump into me, so you must have stolen it.

Now then, return it at once.
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[ Hmm, if she gives it back she could make a grab for the weapons, but he's holding onto them tight. Or she could run, she could probably lose him in the trees... Choices, choices. ] No way! I'm not returning anything. prettyboy.
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You have made your choice!

[Rather than rush, a yellow aura briefly surrounds Glenn. Shining a bit, the earth beneath Yuffie began to shake, as if to rise. And it would, whether she jumped or not!]
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[ whoa, Quake? No one said you had materia, too. She staggers, but manages to get away from the main section of churning earth.

And trip over one of the smaller spurs. ]
Ow! Who said you could use magic?
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[Elements, not materia. Quick cast spells that didn't drain on the body. And it was just a slab of earth he had picked up as well, and it floated above Yuffie.]

I do whatever it takes. Now, my gold. [He extends his hand, sword still in it.] Hand it over.
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Kotarou + ADVENTURE!!1

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Imagine two children huddled up behind some rocks and bushes at the edge of a camp in which several perhaps-not-exactly-humans are wandering around. Heavily armed as well. The children? Not so much. The red-headed girl with the tail has a simple staff, though both ends are weighted down with bands of iron and capped at each end with a solid metal clump as well.

"Okay." It's surprisingly quiet, for a whisper coming from a child trying to be sneaky. " We need to get him and then he can help you get back to Nanashi, which's the important thing, and then Xuanzang can have his horse back." Huashi huffs slightly, shaking strands of red hair out of her eyes to peer at the camp and the regal, white stallion tied in the center of it.

They'd been told to stay put along with the monk, of course. But then the demons hit and they had to scatter and when daddy and the other two came back without Xuanzang's horse, the kids were present but not the monk. So they'd been told to stay put, again, as the three left to save Xuanzang.


But Kotarou needed to get home, and the Goddess of Mercy had said only the Prince could take him home... and Huashi knew that meant Xuanzang's horse. Therefore, they needed to save him.
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The boy, on the other hand, had nothing by way of weapons. He clutched a medium-sized rock in one hand that would probably just end up crushed to powder after even one blow against their armour, and he had a dog.

If he was honest, which he wasn't but let's pretend, he'd admit that the dog was going to be doing most of the work.

"How are we meant to do that?" He demanded, under his breath. He really didn't like the look of the camp guards. "Why can't someone else do it?"
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The dog, and Huashi undoubtedly.

"Well, they don't have bows, so we'll be fine there! We're just gonna run in, and you go for him and I'm gonna distract the guards! Though I suppose a distraction would be useful... daddy usually uses distractions..." Huashi frowned thoughtfully as she glanced around considering it.

There wasn't much, just half-open scrubland and a forest further behind them, a river winding past the camp down the incline beyond it.

"'Cause daddy, Bajie and Wujing have to rescue Xuanzang, and that can take a while. I really like that you're here, but you gotta get home, so we need to borrow Xuanzang's horse." All this was said in a hushed, excited whisper as she pointed to the white stallion in the camp.

It looked like a pretty normal horse, all told, if with a slight blue shine to its white coat and huge, limpid dark eyes. It was also chained to a boulder which had a ring struck through it which the chain was attached to. Curious thing to do to a horse, really.
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Kotarou thought so too. "Why's it chained up like that?" He squinted at it, unable to tell if it really was glowing or not at this distance. Tobimaru whined as he leant a little too far forward from the shelter of the boulders, and he ducked his head back down. "If you want a distraction, Tobimaru can do that."
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"Otherwise he'd stomp them silly and leave, of course! So they need that stupid chain, but I should be able to destroy it." Huashi squinted at the chain and hoped most of the obviousy magical chain had the magic in containing, not being too strong to break. Looking closely, one could barely see some shimmering kanji set around the manacle and down the links themselves every time the light fell just right or the horse shifted.

Looking over and down at Tobimaru, Huashi grinned and managed to soundlessly clap her hands.

"Oh, yes! I was gonna do something else, but I can save it in that case! Basically..." Another squint-eyed look at the camp and the guards and then turned to Kotarou and Tobimaru, brown eyes sparkling.

"You're probably hungry, Tobimaru, and they've got a nice bird cooking right there!" She grinned and then nodded to Kotarou. "I'm gonna circle around and use the tree over there," Huashi said and pointed to the large willow tree that stood halfway up the bank between camp and river. "I'm gonna do that right after Tobimaru starts running around, so they don't do anything if they get lucky, and when I do that you get to the horse, okay?" Huashi was crouched over, looking as serious as a usually very cheery, excitable girl could, scribbling a near-unintegible "plan" in the dirt between them.
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[ Nothing about today suggested anything was going to be out of the ordinary. After saving the world, things had been slowly turning back to normal in the Netherworld. Despite Fenrich's insistence that he take over the universe, Valvatorez was perfectly happy just being back in Hades and continuing his job as a Prinny Instructor. He had quite a routine going on even.

One that he hadn't expected to be interrupted today, but just as he was about to hand out a sardine to a Prinny an odd sensation hit him that was closely followed by the familiar one of teleporting and suddenly he wasn't standing in Hades any longer, but in an unknown room in an unknown place. Suffice to say, his routine was well interrupted.

He turned in his confusion, coming face-to-face with a blonde-haired human girl. Despite it being unnecessary as she was right in front of him, he pointed at her, sardine still in hand. ]

You, lass! What is the meaning of this!?
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Lillet - oh my god how do I grammar

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[Merlin looked around the room in awe, it was bigger than any building he had ever seen before. His whole house could probably fit in this one room. No- it wasn't his house anymore, they had tried to kill him once they figured out he could do magic, hence the reason he was at a school for witches. Everyone kept giving him odd looks but really what could he expect being one of the few males in this school. (And really he was surprised that the school didn't have a male counterpart but who was he to complain.]

[Looking around the room he tried to spot another person with the same color sash as him. When he finally found a girl with a matching red sash he immediately made his way towards her]

Um, excuse me? Do you know what we're supposed to be doing now?
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I think we have some free time before the next event. [ Going by the schedule she has clutched in her arms, anyway. ] Um, I'm going to see if I can find the glamour classroom, so I don't get lost tomorrow. If you're not busy, we could look for it together.
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[Schedule? Should he have a schedule? Why doesn't he have a schedule? Oh god he's messing this up already. Then again his first day here can't be nearly as bad as his first day in Camelot. Right?]

Glamour classroom? [he doesn't know nearly enough about magic, oh god] Sure, we can look for it but can we find the other classrooms too? I don't know where anything is and it's so big I'll probably get lost.

I'm Merlin by the way, we're in the same, uh, group?
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Oh, we are? [ she hasn't even registered her own sash colour, let alone his. She does that now. Yep, red. ] Wow, that's really convenient! I was worried I'd never find my group in this crowd, but here you are.

[ HOLDS OUT HAND??? ] I'm Lillet Blan. It's nice to meet you, Merlin.
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Yeah, I think that's what the colours mean anyway. There should be another person in our group but I haven't seen her yet, she has to be around here somewhere. Or him. [he looks around at all the girls here, it's probably another girl in their group but you never know]

nice to meet you too? Um. [he rocks back on his feet] Which way do you think the classroom is?
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[ they'll probably bump into her sooner or later. ]

Well... I heard one of the teachers mention it was near the library tower.
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The library tower iiis [he looks around] I have no idea.

[cue nervous laughter]
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[ peers out of the window! ] It's that way.
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[follows after her] So where are you from, Lillet.
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Me? The southern kingdom, just a little village outside the capital. What about you, Merlin?
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[personal profile] loyalservant 2013-04-04 09:26 pm (UTC)(link)
[he nods] I'm also from a small village, it was a nice place to live if you disregarded their views on magic. [another nervous laugh] That's kind of why I'm here.
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Their views-- oh. I'm sorry.
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[personal profile] loyalservant 2013-04-04 09:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[he shrugs, looking unperturbed] I got out of there so it's fine. I mean, I can't go home which is sad but at least I'm alive and get to learn about magic. [he offers her a smile] I don't have to hide anymore.
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That's true, and we can write-- Aah! [ whoa sudden explosions from a room to their left. And thick purple smoke that smells like onions.

Hurrah, they found the Alchemy labs. ]
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[Merlin crinkles his nose at the small] I wonder what they're doing in there. I hope I can get my clothes to stop smelling on onions. [you can't make friend if you're onion scented]

What were you saying about writing?
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I hope it's not a class we'll have... [ fans the smoke away with her schedule, yep. ] Well, I promised to write to my brothers every week. You could do the same. Write home, that is.

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We'll probably have to take it eventually. [he makes a face] I don't know how safe it would be for my mother though, I don't want to put her in any more danger.

[oh god are they getting past that lab]
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Would she be in danger from a letter? [ safely out of smelling range! She slows back to a normal pace. ]
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Well I don't want them to be able to trace it back to her magical son. If they find out she's still in contact with me and that she didn't just get rid of me she could end up getting hurt.
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[ wow his country is so backwards. She ponders this as they continue. ]

You could have someone else send it, if that's a problem...
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I guess. [he fiddles with his belt] But who else would start sending her mail regularly?